Electromagnetic Nutrition
Electromagnetic Nutrition
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Light as a Human Energy Source

Light as a Primary Human Energy Source - By Barbara Wren, This recording is available NOW. order and download.
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As a Naturopathic Practitioner, do you ever find a quiet moment to stand back from the humdrum of the Nutritional Profession and simply reflect on the complexities of our relationship with food? 


From the moment we are born, to approximately the age of seven, our subconscious mind gathers and stores a variety of  societies core beliefs.  One of these being the importance of consuming three-square meals a day, yet for a variety of personal reasons, later in life many of us find this approach isn’t appropriate and turn to an array of diets like the 5-2, Ketogenic, Paleo, Akins, eat right for your blood type diets, without really questioning if our dietary intake is the main contributor and influencer of health, after all most research suggests that a moderate dietary intake is at the core of longevity.  .


So What if our dietary intake was only a part of this problem and if much of what we have learnt is potentially wrong?


In this webinar Barbara will review how light is a key source of cellular energy while reviewing the 16 stages of cellular change identified by Heinrich Kremer. Respiratory cells range from healthy “aerobic” cells (80% oxygen - 20% glucose), that can capture and hold light effectively, to the other extreme of the spectrum, almost anaerobic” cells (80% glucose - 20% oxygen) which are far less effective. These can be as low as one sixteenth as effective at converting light into energy, to produce ATP, which is essential for healthy respiratory function.

Whilst reviewing the works of Jacob Israel Liberman, OD, PHD who wrote an amazing book on the subject entitled “How the Science of light Unlocks the Art of Living” and of course Barbara’s own books entitled “Cellular Awakening and Our Return to the Light”, both worth a read if you get time before the webinar.

Light as a Primary Human Energy Source


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