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Vegan Society registered products

Conella is delighted to announce that we have recently completed the process of registering many of our products with the Vegan Society.

As you are no doubt aware, Conella has always advised caution when using the term “Vegan” to describe a product.  It may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that unlike the term “Organic” there is currently no legal definition of the term “Vegan”.  As the definition of vegan can vary from region to region, many manufacturers of raw materials simply suggest that brands check the status of their finished products with their local regulators. 

So we thought who better than the renowned Vegan Society. 

Having successfully submitted many of our products for in-depth scrutiny by the Vegan Society, we are honoured to announce that many of our products will now start carrying the coveted Vegan Society logo.  We believe this offers consumers the comfort of knowing that every product carrying this coveted logo has been closely evaluated to make sure it has a genuine Vegan pedigree, that fits comfortably within The Vegan Society’s ethos. Whilst also ensuring the consumer that our products have not been tested on animals and are therefore totally cruelty-free.