Electromagnetic Nutrition
Electromagnetic Nutrition


This section offers quick access too many of the most frequently asked questions, received by our Customer Care Department from our customers.  Should you not find a satisfactory answer to your enquiry, do please feel free to contact an operator through the Live Chat facility offered on this site or alternatively feel free to email us at info@conellaholdings.com or call our Customer Support Line on 03333703256 (manned between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday).


Q: When I place an order with you, are all the orders free of postage and packaging fees?
A: In answer to your question, all our own branded products are available to you without incurring any additional postage fees, these are depicted by a products that start with a CH product code. However, we also offer other branded products, these are available at no extra postage cost unless stated otherwise.

Q: Do your products contain additives?
A: Whenever possible, we adhere to a policy of producing products with minimal or no additives. On the rare accession we do include additives these are kept to the absolute minimum.

Q: How long after receiving my good can I return a product to you?
A: In such circumstances you should always communicate your intent to return the goods, either by phone or via email info@conellaholdings.com. You should give a clear reason why the products need to be returned, giving us an opportunity to rectify to issue where possible. Where appropriate we may charge a re-stocking charge and the goods should be returned to us no later than 14 days from the date of delivery. Please note that it’s your responsibility to insure the return these good in good condition.

Q: Do you use the finest natural ingredients within your products?
A: We have a stringent policy of only sourcing the very finest, biologically active ingredients that have been demonstrated to deliver an effective level of the nutrient required.