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Electromagnetic Nutrition
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Inner Mucus & Disease

What if all dis-ease was due to a build-up of inner mucus? Recording available to download NOW!
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What if all dis-ease was due to a build-up of inner mucus?

When the body fluids stagnate, it reduces our ability to cleanse efficiently, leading to a creation of inner mucus.  The more stagnant the fluids become, the more the waste products of metabolism stay in the body.

Areas we will cover:

Can we re-hydrate by simply drinking more water, how much water is enough?

Lymph and blood the inner fluids of the body

When dehydrated, our fluids stagnate leading to an inability to detoxify efficiently.   

The body’s natural response to stagnation is to create an acute inflammatory episode, e.g. temperature, throat infection to create movement of fluids.

Western medicine focuses on suppressing this natural response, reducing the body’s natural ability to eliminate inner mucus.  

Inner mucus takes up space in the lymphatic system thereby reducing the overall hydration of the body.

Traditional naturopaths always focused on releasing this inner mucus from the body. (In accordance with Herings Law of Cure). Resulting in improved hydration, more alkaline tissue, raised core body temperature, improved metabolic rate, reduction of inflammation, reduction of dis-ease, and a greater feeling of connection.

Increased production of bio-photon activity leading to greater enlightenment.

Naturopaths acknowledge that all dis-ease is manifested as stagnation, inflammation, acidity, lowered energy, and decreased motivation, resulting in a lack of creativity.

Healing is freedom of movement on all levels.

Eastern philosophy acknowledges that the water element is our central nervous system.

The more free flowing the water element of the body is, the less anxious and fearful the person will be, leading to clearer thinking and a positive mental attitude.

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