Electromagnetic Nutrition
Electromagnetic Nutrition
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Refuting the Gene Theory

Refuting the myth that we are victims of our genes, while identifying the indicators of predispositions in a client’s family tree - Hosted by Barbara Wren. (Please note this webinar has taken place, a recording will be sent on purchase.)
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Pre-dispositions show the depth of weakness within a case history – potentially settling deeper with every generation that passes, rather than the more questionable suggestion that our future health is defined by your inherited gene patterns.  After all for this strange theory to really hold water we would need to answer the question; where did we inherited the first faulty gene from?

Much of the visionary work carried out by researchers like Bruce Lipton (Biology of belief) is in accordance with an emerging science known as “Epigenetics” (“EPI” meaning, sitting above and “genetics” referring to our genes) which has demonstrated that our DNA is purely the reproductive part of the human cell, it’s the cell “membrane” (The clues in the name) that monitors the extra cellular environment and influences our ability to evolve in a manner that suites the changes within this cellular environment.  The gene theory is further challenged by research trials that clearly demonstrate how short term changes in diet can make a most valuable change in our gene patterns, switching off over 500 damaging gene patterns while switching on 500 protective one. demonstrating that diet can change gene patterns.

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