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A Very Happy Festive Season

We would like to wish you A Very Happy Festive Season from everyone at Conella.

Our sales order processing service will be closed from 22nd of December, through to December 27th, although you are able to place orders via the website a s normal, these will be shipped on our return. Last date for goods to be shipped should be the 22nd. We will be closed on January 1st and reopening on the 2nd.

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As Albert Einstein once stated “We rarely solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created the problem”.    Therefore we have compiled a range of books that we believe open the readers eyes to the bigger picture, enabling us to look at problems from another dimension or point of view from the one used to create the issue in the first place.  After all Albert Einstein also reportedly stated that – “Insanity Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result”


Free Nutritional Advice

The Justfil logo indicates that the product has not had any artificial colours or additives added to them in the encapsulation process. However, on rare occasions there might be some compound additive ingredients within the production of the original raw material, these are clearly indicated on the product label.

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