Electromagnetic Nutrition
Electromagnetic Nutrition
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The Justfil logo indicates that the product has not had any artificial colours or additives added to them in the encapsulation process. However, on rare occasions there might be some compound additive ingredients within the production of the original raw material, these are clearly indicated on the product label.

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Epsom Bath salts

CH040 (coming soon)

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A warm bath with Epsom salts is noted to help relax stiff, aching muscles and helps you unwind after a stressful day so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Soak & Soothe Epsom salts are naturally occurring, magnesium sulphate.

Maxi-Bone Health - 60 capsules


In Stock

A nutritional formula delivering a range of nutrients to support optimal bone health
£17.85  £14.28

Maxi-Mag + 120 capsules


In Stock

The foundation of a comprehensive nutritional regime. A Vegan Society registered product.

Maxi-Mag 90 capsules


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Maxi-Mag - 90 capsules - (delivering 100mg of magnesium). A Vegan Society Registered product.

Maxi-Mag Powder 250g


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Maxi-Mag Powder 250g . A Vegan Society Registered product.

Neprinol 90 capsules.


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Neprinol 90 capsules (UK Compliant). (15-30 day supply)
£69.95 £63.15