Electromagnetic Nutrition
Electromagnetic Nutrition

Photovoltaic Nutrition workshop

Photovoltaic Nutritional intensive workshop with Barbara Wren. (meaning electromagnetic nutrition) The intensive workshop takes place at Barbara’s home in Devon, over the course of a weekend.
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Photovoltaic Nutritional intensive workshop with Barbara Wren.   (meaning electromagnetic nutrition).

Next available dates are:  January 25th/26th and March 21st/22nd 2020.

The intensive workshop takes place at Barbara’s home in Devon, over the course of a weekend.

During the weekend Barbara will draw on her many years of clinical experience, offering attendees a rare insight into the world of Photovoltaic Nutrition.

This intensive workshop will take attendees beyond our mainstream biochemical understanding, instead viewing our bodies as a complexed living photocell designed to capture and store the suns energy, enabling the conversion of normal H2O to energiesed 4th phase water H3O2.  This form of water is more alkaline and holds more available oxygen than H20, it holds a negative charge enabling this energy it to be stored and accessed as required.  This approach is set to revolutionise our understanding of the in-depth biochemistry of our unique electron cloud.

Barbara has developed a detailed understanding of the subject, having evolved and applied this approach within her clinic for many years and feels that this might be one of the most important missing keys to unlocking the bodies ability to address the underlying causes of many client’s complaints.    

The weekend starts at 10am-9pm on the Saturday and 10am – 5pm on the Sunday and attendees will be rewarded with 12 CPD rewards for attending the workshop.

The price for the workshop is £250.00 per attendee, there are a maximum of four attendees per workshop, and refreshments and meals are provided.  To register your interest and receive updates of available dates, simple click on the buy from Wren nutrition button and register your interest via email, or if you prefer call us on 03333703256 for more detail. 

testimonials for attendees:


"I cannot recommend Barbara's weekend retreat highly enough. Having practiced in Alternative medicine for more than 25 years it is without a doubt that it has been Barbara's wisdom that has guided me over those years.

Her understanding of health and disease is phenomenal. She has a unique way of cutting through all of the confusion in research and making sense of everything by continually bringing everything back to her underlying naturopathic philosophy. 

Spending a weekend in her company was an incredible learning experience and as there are only 4 people she can cover so much more information and in greater detail”.



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