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Combatting Auto-immune Diseases | Webinar

A Barbara Wren hosted webinar, exploring naturopathic methods to combat the rise of auto-immune disease. This webinar took place on the 11th June 2019. The recording is now available to download and view in the comfort of your home.
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A Barbara Wren hosted webinar exploring naturopathic methods to combat the rise of auto-immune diseases.

Barbara Wren, a renowned naturopath and author of the best sellers Cellular Awakening and Our Return to the light is set to host a groundbreaking webinar exploring the epidemic of auto-immune diseases and naturopathic ways of combat the issue.

According to the statistics, autoimmune diseases are currently on the rise, with some professionals positing that this is primarily, although not exclusively, due to problems with our diet. These conditions are costing the UK billions of pounds each year, with a report from Connect Immune Research indicating that the total cost of treating just three of these auto-immune illnesses, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis currently amounts to over £13 billion per annum.

These figures from the medical research charity offer only a hint of the true scope of the problem, with the study having covered only three of these autoimmune conditions out of a total of more than 80, leading to the rather obvious question: How should we best stem the epidemic of autoimmune disease?

There are some who believe naturopathy potentially holds some interesting answers, and that the root of this problem lies within our dietary intake.  This could potentially explain the lack of investment into the issue from big pharma companies.  This is the angle we will be exploring in the upcoming webinar by Barbara Wren, who considers several potential reasons as to why some autoimmune conditions are increasing in incidence by as much as nine percent per annum, as well as some probable preventative steps we might want to  consider that could potentially reduce the impact of this epidemic on our communities, careers and overstretched NHS.

Autoimmune conditions occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells in the body. The term covers several different diagnoses, from type one diabetes through to multiple sclerosis, coeliac disease, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Of course, some of these can only be treated by qualified medics, but there is a growing need for preventative nutritional solutions to this growing challenge. 

The ever-increasing incidence of these diseases has prompted the coalition of charities behind Connect Immune Research to call for greater investment into the causes of this epidemic, and with over four million UK residents afflicted, there are many who would support such a call.

Given how many people are affected, however, there is one thing that must strike even the casual observer as odd: big pharma companies appear to have little interest in developing such treatments, demonstrated by a total lack of investment in the area. 

Here are some stats to consider: 

In 2003, Cancer affected twelve million people against an astonishing ninety-three billion health care cost and research dollars spent were a $6.1 billion

Heart disease affected twenty-five million people, with a health care cost of two hundred and seventy-three billion, with research spent $2.4 billion.

Yet people suffering from a variety of auto-immune diseases numbered a staggering fifty million (double either of the others), with health care costs at an estimated hundred billion dollars and yet research was a measly $591 million (just over 25% of the others) in real terms peanuts!!.

Barbara will review these potential preventative approaches from a truly naturopathic point of view.  Attempting to identify key areas that might result in delivering the optimum outcomes, empowering the audience, with methods designed to enable them to help their clients lead a healthier more active way of life. 

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