Electromagnetic Nutrition
Electromagnetic Nutrition

Predispositions - Webinar

Hosted by Barbara Wren
Manufacturer: Conella
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Date: Tuesday 24th Nov

Time: 15.00 PM (UK time)

Duration: 60-90 mins

Barbara Wren, a well recognised pioneer within the naturopathic healing movement and the author of two books “Cellular Awakening” and “Our Return to the Light”.

In this webinar Barbara will look at: Where disease comes from and how it is influenced by our past? How future health isn’t dictated solely by genes. Naturopaths describe Predispositions (which are considered reversible and can positively impacting gene patterns). Barbara will explore Predispositions and The Differing Stages of Disease Manifestation and how practitioners’ access both the biochemical and electromagnetic nutritional properties to assist with health and wellbeing.

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