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Electromagnetic Nutrition

Could IBS be the first sign of a degenerative health picture?

In this webinar, Barbara will exploure the key principles that connect many of our health issues to an original bowel, following the principles of Herings Law of Cure.
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In this amazing webinar by Barbara Wren, we explore the suggestion that the sequence of disease levels i.e., stress, dehydration, stagnation, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation eventually leading to anaerobic acidity is directly or indirectly connected to the original colon dysfunction, after all, are we not taught that all disease starts in the bowel through dysbiosis.


We explore the idea that we can plot the direction of travel as toxins manifest ever deeper in our cellular environment.  Plotting the direction of travel, for example from our colon disorder to liver and kidney function issues, leading to an electrolyte imbalance in connection to blood sugar levels, manifesting in impaired physically and mentally energy levels.


Barbara Wren has been a practising naturopath for forty-two years. She's a co-founder of the College of Dietary Therapy in 1982 and subsequently founder of the pioneering College of Natural Nutrition. She's the author of two internationally renowned books, Cellular Awakening and Our Return to The Light.


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By Barbara Wren and Emma Jones-Phillips